Short story release Sept. 18!

My first short story ‘After the Heartbreak’, is coming out on September 18.  The story, a companion piece to  the full-length ‘Daughter of Valor’ coming out in March, is the story of injured veterans Cathy Armbruster and Beto Flores as they struggle to overcome the effects of a horrific attack and find their way back to one another.  Both the novel and the short story are my valentines to the men and woman who have come home from war with debilitating injuries and with grace and courage have gone on with their lives.  The story is unusual in that both the hero and heroine have suffered horrific war injuries-usually only the hero is damaged but in this story Cathy too is an amputee getting on with her life.  Many thanks to my editor Jill Limber for letting me take this route.  As soon as I have the cover I’ll be sharing it with you!

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