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Many thanks to Paula Millhouse ( and Charles Millhouse ( for inviting me to follow them on this writer’s blog. Please check out their websites for info on some really good reads!
This particular blog has asked me to answer four questions about my work-a couple of easy ones and a couple I had to think about. The first question is ‘What am I working on right now?” That answer is easy-I am in the middle of an extensive rewrite of the second book in my Heaven’s Point trilogy, tentatively titled ‘Daughter of Valor’ telling the story of widower Jimmy Adamcik and wounded war veteran Holly Riley. Jimmy was a major supporting character in ‘Solomon’s Choice’ and we also briefly met Holly. When I finish that rewrite I will return to work on the third book of the trilogy tentatively titled ‘The Soap Maker’, Angie Baxter’s story.
Second question-How does my work differ from others of its genre? Hmmmm……Okay. No paranormal creatures of any kind (I love this genre, just can’t write it). No gratuitous billionaires; heros and heroines are normal people with normal finances for their station in life. I try to portray the characters’ professional lives accurately and interview people in a given profession before writing about it. And even though my main goal is an entertaining read I like for each book to have a theme-‘Solomon’s Choice’ dealt with choices and consequences, ‘Daughter of Valor’ is meant to be a Valentine to all of our wounded warriors and ‘The Soap Maker’ deals with children that ‘aren’t your own’.
Third question-Why do I write what I do? Easy! I write a book that I would want to read myself! I love romance novels and write the kind of book that I like to read.
Fourth question-How does my writing process work? I can’t force a book out of nothing-the kernel of a story has to be in my head already or it’s a no-go. Once that kernel’s there, I do any of the necessary research and then sit down with a tablet with however many chapters labeled, one chapter per page. I formulate an overall plot and indicate in which chapters the major plot points occur, then go in (in pencil, of course) and fill in each chapter with what else is going to happen. I type that up, look it over and make changes, and sit down with the detailed plot outline in front of me and start actually writing the book. Once the rough draft is done, I cut, edit, polish, and get the manuscript ready for first my agent and then my editor to see. If either of them sees things to fix, I fix them!
Next week’s author!!!!! I am delighted to introduce to you Goldie Alexander, a brand-new author with Boroughs whose new paranormal romance ‘Penelope’s Ghost’ will be live soon. Goldie has written a number of children’s books and “Penelope’s Ghost’ is her first foray into adult fiction. You can check out Goldie’s website at and I look forward to hearing from Goldie next week.

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