Looking forward to the New Year

2013 was a wonderful year!  After much work and effort, ‘Solomon’s Choice’ went ‘live’ on Oct. 8 and has garnered a number of favorable reviews and has two sequels in the works.  We did a fair amount of traveling-Hawaii in February to see our son and daughter in law and trips to Tennessee in March and August to see our other son and his family.  On Sept. 2 a new grandson arrived in Honolulu and of course we had to go back  to Hawaii and meet him!  Our other two grandsons in Tennessee are thriving, mixing the occasional acting or modeling jobs or dancing performance with the busy lives of a second grader and kindergardener.  I learned to play the ukulele and got better on the mountain dulcimer.  Our adult children are doing well and we had much to be happy about, and a part of me hates to see a year like that go!

But at the same time I am very much looking forward to 2014.  I have places I want to go, starting with a short trip to Florida on January 2.  I have things I want to do, starting with learning to play the hammered dulcimer now sitting in my living room.  I have stories in the works that need to be finished and more stories in my head that are crying out to be written.  I have blogs I want to write and readers I want to meet, all of which requires a new year in which to do them!  So come on, 2014-I am so ready for you!

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